Monday, June 15, 2015

Hi, I'm Mark Cafazzo.  This is a blog of my first game development project.  I've been creating software for some time, but for business or industrial automation, not games.  I've been playing and enjoying games on computers since Pong, but I've never considered working for a game developer or making a game on my own time.  I'm really pumped about getting started!  There is now an array of development tools, platforms and libraries that best suit my game idea is proving to be full of options and I'm finding it difficult to make a decision.  My requirements are:

  1. A game that doesn't require complex art resources, or an artist, since I'll be creating the game from scratch, and working on it alone.
  2. One code base for both Android, iOS and Windows Phone with minimal build steps.
  3. Libraries that make scenes, game physics, effects and orienting players a snap, even if that means making the code to do these things easier to connect to the visual assets (not afraid of complicated code).
  4. Any library or cross-platform toolset I use should allow for as close to vanilla JavaScript/HTML5 as possible (no crazy new DSL or syntax, please).
  5. If a server side aspect of the game engine or play is considered, one that keeps the list of programming languages I have to use to a minimum.  (Again, complex code is not an issue, but I'd rather concentrate on a handful of technology and not spread skills too thin)
I'll revisit these requirements as I go along.  Here goes.  Next post should have a short list of technologies I'm considering or have tried out, plus an outline of my game idea.  All ideas I share will be adequately copyrighted, so no plagiarizers should get any "ideas"...

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